Our Service

☑ Design, Engineering, FAT and Site Commissioning of Substation Automation System using SICAM AK1703, SICAM BC1703, SIPROTEC BCU and SAE net-line product family.

☑ Diagnostic and troubleshooting of SICAM AK1703, BC1703 and SAE net-line FW50, FW5/FW5-GATE and BCU50 related system

☑ System design and implementation for multi-vendor system using IEC61850 protocol.

☑ Protocol conformance and coupling for multi-vendor system using IEC60870-5-101/103/104, IEC61850 and Modbus.

☑ SCADA/HMI design, engineering, FAT, Site Commissioning using SICAM 230 and ZENON Energy Edition.

Substation Control/Automation System

Substation Control/Automation system solution using SICAM 1703 and SAE product family.

SCADA and Telecontrol Solution

SCADA and Telecontrol solution for energy industry using ZENON Energy and PROCON-Web SCADA system.

Protocol Integration and Coupling

We provide coupling and integration service for IEC 60870-101/103/104, DNP3, IEC 61850 and Modbus

IEC61850 Multi-Vendor Solution

Single source of IEC61850 multi-vendor implementation

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    How can you guys know IEC60870-5-104 private range in SAT AK1703 implementation? It is really impressive.

    Mr. Wann

     - Senior Product Engineer of TNB

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    It is so easy to troubleshoot Siemens 7SJ632 over IEC60870-5-103
    instead of laser checking of fiber cable. SAE shows the competency in protocol conformance testing.

    Wanda Martin

     - Telecontrol Engineer of SPA Energy

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